Words + Photos by Michael Surtees | 12.08.14
One of the best ways to learn and to stay curious is through observation. Seeing is an activity that improves with practice, focus and perhaps a camera. Over time things appear that may have been invisible the day before.
Fog around the Hudson
On an early morning in January I was following the Hudson River northward on my bike. Its a pretty common ride for me, it’s my go to route when I travel on two wheels. This particular morning was different though.
Before moving to New York many years ago I recall someone mentioning that people watching is a great activity. Stand in one spot for even a moment and you'll see an amazing diversity of people.
Black & White City
Ask someone to think about NYC, consciously or not some iconic black and white image is probably not to far from their imagination. My black & white version of the city tends to focus on...
Type in NYC
For a designer that appreciates the vernacular of typography, there is no better place to capture what people are trying to say than in the city.
Cycling in the Fall
Cycling in the fall is one of my favorite times of year. By the time fall has arrived I've seen the full cycle. Growth in the spring, maturity in the summer and the final dance with the leaves in the fall.
Street Art
Define it as you will, for me discovering something new around the corner on the street was what I started carying a camera. A majority of the images are from NYC when there seemed to be a lot going on...