Words + Photos by Michael Surtees | 12.08.14
What can be said about words that hasn’t already been written? Not much – aside from what this section is about. Typography lays the foundation for much that behavior and intention is about. Understanding what the behavior can do with the help of technology is part of the how to make the system work.
Reading from Screen to Screen
I can’t seem to sit still when I read. No matter where and how I’m reading I wish it was on a different screen. While this isn’t always the case, the flow follows something like this.
Review of the Typeface Clear Sans
Having spent time recently focusing on dispersed levels of data, I was drawn to Clear Sans for its practical nature. The different weights between light, thin, regular, medium, bold, and even italic offer great options for both readability and contrast, making all sorts of type and numbers easy for users to digest.
Review of the Typeface Aften Screen
Aften Screen cuts through the majority of bland screen-only fonts by being confident enough in what it chooses to display as much as in what it doesn’t show.
Designers Should Be Using Both iOS and Android Together
Earlier this spring I switched mobile operating systems from iOS to Android for my phone. I had been used to the iPhone for a couple iterations but decided to switch to a HTC One as I wanted a larger clear screen. I’m still enjoying my HTC One and I have no regrets changing. One of the reasons why I was able to make the phone change is that I still had my iPad mini that was running iOS. I had the best of both worlds. That brings me to why I’m writing this post that simply states that designers should be using both operating systems daily.